Cast by Rosa Rumora

My most recent wall relief, "Cast," grew out of a desire to merge my interests in both drawing and sculpture. My goal is to build patterns and rhythms that exist within both two- and three-dimensional spaces. I want these carefully manipulated forms to exit the rigid singularity of the plane upon which they are drawn and enter a fluid multitude of others. By merging dimensionalities, I hope to complicate what it means to use positive and negative space. I want to create an alternative space where friction exists between the two. That's where I look for and find energy.

The subtractive process of cutting paper satisfies this. I work intuitively and engage with line and form on the surface of the paper, as well as the physical presence of the material itself. I cut away particular areas of paper, then move, drape and hang what remains. My focus constantly toggles back and forth between those shapes that are removed and those that stay. The form is equally dependent upon what is there as what is not there.

For me, this artistic process embodies the way we perceive patterns and rhythms in our lives. They seem two-dimensional, but in reality, they grow and shift beyond that. They vibrate and toggle between the positive and negative. Through this work, my goal is to create a space where that is palpable.

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