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Samantha Neilson '23 (center), Cat Mori '25 (to her right), Eva House '23 (to her left) and other members of the Kenyon College Dance, Drama and Cinema Club radiate joy as they rehearse for their Spring Dance Concert in the Bolton Theater, in May. Photo by Rebecca Kiger.

More than 1,130 people returned to Gambier for Reunion Weekend 2023, which featured endless opportunities for friends and families to reconnect. Here, alumni (and future alumni?) bond over a post-dinner sweet treat around the fire. Photo by James DeCamp.

Aidan Biglow '23 (right) and Jiarong "Andy" Zhang '26 (left) demonstrate spikeball, a popular game on campus. Photo by Rebecca Kiger.

Book Shelf

Explore new releases from members of the Kenyon community.

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Kenyon in the Wild

In "Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club," a fictional tribute to Midwestern supper clubs and the generations of families who inherit them, author J. Ryan Stradal dedicates a few pivotal pages to Kenyon.

One of Us

Carla Birnberg ‘91 describes her work supporting young Kenyans with disabilities.

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A Wild Bat Chase

Robert Clawson '59 shares how Tony Milkowski ’57 ultimately became a beloved art professor.

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Reader Spotlight

After sending in a letter to the editor, Scott Klavan ‘79 shares more of his life story.

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Lost and Found

A highlight reel of the season's lost and found, sourced from campus email lists.

A missing brown wallet, containing a license and a business card signed by Tom Hanks. 
"You can even keep the Tom Hanks business card!" said the owner, pleading for its return. 

An antithetical book donation.
Personal copies of a red hardcover Children's Bible and "On Drinking" by Charles Bukowski, found together in the library return bins.

A staff member's glasses.
"For someone who never, ever lost her retainer as a kid, this is particularly frustrating," said the owner.

A 13-year-old border collie, missing from his home. 
"He can sometimes be violent when scared," warned the owner (relatable). Despite this, the dog was reunited with his family within the hour.

A saucy offer. 
"A long sequence of events has left me with a 2 quart bottle of Kikkoman brand soy sauce that I do not need," began an all-stu email from a professor. This was quickly followed up with a new email, subject line "SOY SAUCE SPOKEN FOR."

A cat, chilling in the Caples lounge. 
Whether it took the elevator or the stairs down, odds are it was looking for a late-night snack (Campus Safety found the feline a little after midnight). 

An emotional support jacket.
"If I don’t get my jacket back I’ll never stop crying for the rest of my life," began the all-stu email with the subject line, "Missing Jacket (I’m Inconsolable)." The owner included several reference photos of the jacket in question, including one  of her wearing the item while siphoning beer  out of a jug — "for (beer-making) class" with Professor Keller, she clarified.

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Lisa Kay Primmer marked 15 years with husband Ryan in Darien, Connecticut, after leaving the world of finance to raise three kids, who are about to be a high school senior, sophomore and ninth-grader. “Six years ago, I decided to pursue my passion for travel and became a luxury travel advisor,” she adds. “I run a team of five other advisors, most of whom are based in the New York area.”


Lisa M. (Beauchamp) Martell, Birmingham, Michigan, reflects, “It was great seeing so many of you last spring and sharing good laughs. Staying in the dorms might be the closest I have come to camping since graduation! How I remember our dorms versus how they are grows with every Reunion. Clearly, the residents made them seem far superior to what they were! There is never enough time (or energy) to do everything in a weekend. I hope to get back before our next Reunion to do things that made living on a simple and beautiful campus so enjoyable.” Lisa also enjoyed seeing Kenyon friends in Charleston this spring.


Margaret Whitman informs, “My husband, Chuck, and I live in Baltimore seven months of the year and then head north in May to the Adirondack mountains until mid-October. Luckily, our children want to visit us there! We have three grandchildren whom we are fortunate to see frequently. Retired life is busy, but I do love not having to get up every day for work.” She has a newly married son in Charleston, South Carolina, another son, and a daughter whose family moved from Denver to Devon, Pennsylvania: “Nice and close by!”

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