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On April 30, 2022, the Village of Gambier and the entire Kenyon community celebrated a once-a-century occasion: 4.30.22 Day.

4.30.22 Day parade participants gather in front of the Village Market before starting on their route.

Happy Days

A conversation with Beimnet Beyene “Happy” Kassaye ’23.

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Kenyon in Quotes

“I have come to expect that race will be weaponized to undermine not only a leader’s authority but also that leader’s very humanity and sense of belonging.”
—President Sean Decatur in a Chronicle of Higher Education essay on the invisible toll of racist harassment

Kenyon in Quotes

“You are what our species needs. Fresh thinkers; brave souls; explorers of ideas. Wayward birds, venturing into unknown skies, unafraid of unconventional thinking and uncommon wisdom.” ⁠
—Sheila Coronel H’22 at Kenyon’s 194th Commencement

One of Us

One of the first women to enroll at Kenyon, Susan Emery McGannon ’72 is accustomed to blazing trails…

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Hot Takes

Color Commentary

To celebrate the once-a-century holiday of 4.30.22 Day, Kenyon’s social media accounts posted archival photos of Gambier, all in black and white, honoring the village’s history. In the comments of a 1996 photo of the Red Door Cafe, one alum wrote "We had color film in the '90s. I’m not THAT old."

Paws on Parade

On the last day spring semester classes, the Epsilon Delta Mu sorority brought cheer (and a flock of wagging tails) to Middle Path by putting on a dog parade. Faculty, staff and community members brought over a dozen canines to march across campus in a mood-lifting promenade. As Assistant Professor of Biology Natalie Wright noted on Twitter, “The dogs had to stop every few feet to accept pets from students.

A Free-for-Owl

Despite winning with a clear majority of the vote, social media had its share of naysayers regarding the choice of Kenyon’s new moniker, the Owls. How did the pro-owl contingent respond? With many, many hoots. 

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Sante Matteo, Oxford, Ohio, teaches film and lit courses for Miami University’s Institute for Learning in Retirement via WebEx, allowing people from all over the world to participate, “including my old roommate Philip H. Cass,” he shares. “He signed up for my film course last fall and my lit course on Italian lovers this spring, and Joseph Chu took a course about his beloved city of Paris.” Details on how to register are at


Jill E. Pollack, Silver Spring, Maryland, received a “pretty big promotion at the Department of Commerce,” she informs, “and I now lead a team of about 20 people, some of whom I’ve never met in person,” to collaborate on trade enforcement. “I have a new appreciation for local newscasters and others who work onscreen.” To her classmates who work as teachers or in education, she offers, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done over the last two years. I hope as a society we can bring you the appreciation and respect you deserve.”


Nancy R. Powers, Gambier, Ohio, was in Utah for a niece’s wedding when she and her brother, in a Kenyon T-shirt, were walking down an alley. “When a car pulled out, two people, seeing the T-shirt, rolled down the window and asked if we were from Ohio. They were Laura Read Wood ’82 and her husband, Anthony W. Wood ’82, on vacation. Laurie and I played on the women’s club soccer team together for three years! We all went out to dinner and had a lovely time catching up.”

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