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Old Kenyon lights up purple against an indigo night sky on the evening of Inauguration to formally welcome Kenyon’s nineteenth president, Sean Decatur.

Funny Girl

An aspiring actress, comedian and writer keeps the campus laughing.

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Click on the Music

Where do international studies and Spanish fluency lead? For Anne Pomeroy ’07, to a producer’s post…

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The Guitar Writer

The music, the history, the gear—Dave Hunter ’84 writes about the world of electric guitars.

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Kenyon in Quotes

“We writers know that good dialogue is precious. Especially the kind that you can’t-no-way-not-a-chance make up on your own.”
- Jennifer Gooch Hummer ’87, in a blog at

Treasures in Glass

Professor of Humanities Timothy Shutt reflects on the values in the Old English epic "Beowulf."

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Athletes for Equality

Students formed the group Kenyon College Athletes for Equality, aimed at ending discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered athletes. The group’s first project was a video promoting Kenyon athletics as a safe zone. The video racked up almost 3,000 hits within days of its release.

Margin of Error

Percentage of Kenyon students who are pro-choice.

Percentage of Kenyon students who drink coffee.

Percentage of Kenyon students who have used a rotary-dial telephone.

Missing Words

The Kenyon Review invited the campus to create “erasure poems” in conjunction with the 2013 literary festival, which featured poet Carl Phillips.
You “write” an erasure poem by artfully removing words from an existing poem. Challenge: turn the Odyssey into a haiku.

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Elizabeth M. Poett, Lompoc, California, who runs her family’s cattle ranch, has a cooking show called “Ranch to Table”, now in its second season on the Magnolia Network and Discovery+. Last summer, she enjoyed a visit from Julie P. Smith and Drew E. Seaman, who have been living overseas for nearly ten years, and in Singapore for almost three. On their epic road trip while home in the States last summer, Julie and Drew covered 11,000 miles over three months, “happy to get a glimpse into the lives of many dear Kenyon friends,” they submit. Back in Singapore, Drew helps restaurants market themselves better to “kids these days,” while Julie is managing director of the AsiaPacific region for a marketing research agency.


Lauren Bittrich, Duxbury, Massachusetts, is a literary agent at Lucinda Literary in New York City.


When Kelsey T. Rice graduated from Kenyon, she knew she wanted to make video games but had no idea how. She has since made progress on that front and is a systems designer at Bungie, working on Destiny 2. “Living in Los Angeles with a bunch of houseplants, attending a lot of DnD 5e sessions and learned to play the penny-whistle.”

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