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Whether you go for escape, exercise or simple pleasure, it's hard to beat an outing on the Kokosing Gap Trail.

Middle Path is lovely in all seasons, but fall is its most glorious.

A Shaping Voice

Students describe the impact made by two Trustee Teaching Excellence Award recipients.

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The Storyteller

From Bosnia to Iraq, Göran Hemberg ’63 uses storytelling in the service of peace and democracy

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Kenyon in Quotes

"It's been overwhelmingly positive for what we hoped to achieve." — Marco Saavedra '11, after his release from federal detention along the border with Mexico as part of the Dream 9 immigration-reform protest, in the New York Daily News

Viva la Vida

A photographer explains the genesis of a striking portrait and reflects on its resonance.

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Treasures in Glass

Professor Emeritus of History William B. Scott reflects on the Peirce Hall windows devoted to the Gettysburg…

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Classy Classmates

A U.S. presidential campaign intern, an anti-bullying activist, a private pilot, and several self-identified "nerdfighters" were among the 484 members of the Class of 2017 who joined the Kenyon community this fall.

Margin of Error

A somewhat scientific survey

88 — Percentage of Kenyon students who are on Facebook

15 — Percentage of Kenyon students who smoke

49 — Percentage of Kenyon students who think buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur is acceptable

Heavy Petting

In April, with exams looming and stress rising, community advisors hosted a petting zoo in front of Caples. Faculty and staff were invited to bring in their dogs and cats to help soothe the nerves of frazzled students and help those who missed their own pets. The scholars presumably got calmer, but we wonder whether the animals got any smarter.

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Daniel O. Holland, Waynesboro, Virginia, shares, “I always knew I would be grateful for attending Kenyon. However, not until I retired and could compose poetry to my heart’s content — and to the dismay of my Facebook friends — did I realize the magnitude of my indebtedness to our alma mater, in particular to Mr. Ransom and Dr. Roelofs!” Dan is active in a poetry group and Shenandoah Valley Trout Unlimited. “Virginia continues to confirm our decision to flee Wisconsin winters. Out of the blue, Patty got a call begging her to teach bassoon at Virginia Tech. So now each week she drives two hours to teach for an hour. She is not complaining. The Feb. 20 Waynesboro Symphony concert was an absolutely triumphal affair; her being able to play both bassoon and contrabassoon with such a marvelous orchestra brings us great joy.”


Adam L. Selhorst, San Diego, took on a new role as associate provost of online and blended learning at West Coast University. “My wife, Krista, and I welcomed our firstborn son, Xavier, into the world.”


“Hello from sunny San Diego! I moved here from Santa Monica two years ago, and last September I got married to Jennifer Ouellette, who grew up in Maine 30 minutes away from me in Manchester, Massachusetts. I still manage Semper Fuel LLC. Have taken on a new endeavor as a house painter with a small existing company owned by a good friend of mine and will become owner by the end of 2022.

Charles C. Adams IV

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