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Image of Old Kenyon from the College archives.

Kenyon in Quotes

"There is little in our history that is beyond dispute, there is much about which good and wise people have disagreed. Put rather differently, our past has witnessed historical revisions, and this process will and should continue." —Former President Robert A. Oden Jr.

Kenyon in Quotes

"Will Kenyon still exist as a collection of buildings and people on an Ohio hilltop twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred years from now? The future, of course, has a way of surprising us, but I believe it will. The campus ideal, introduced here by Philander Chase almost one hundred seventy-five years ago, will prevail." —Tom Stamp '73

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

“I speak on how faith-based organizations can produce materials for constituents with an anti-oppression lens. For emotional support during these trying times, I read Circe and participated in the Kenyon Book Club discussion. Also, I continued crocheting a blanket I started my senior year at Kenyon that is based on ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender,’ a show I have been re-watching.”

Faith A. Bell, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Marketing and Communications director for Mennonite Mission Network


“Our group of 10 was based in Old Havana’s tiny winding streets. We rode in old convertibles along the Malecon (a broad esplanade and sea wall) and met with Roberto ‘Chile’ Lopez, Castro’s personal videographer. We learned the original rumba in Matanzas, enjoyed a rehearsal of a remarkable dance company in a crumbling former movie theater, and delighted in the charm of the lovely Cuban people.”

Jamie J. Barth and Richard E. “Rick” Yorde Jr. ’71, Chicago


“My second grandchild was born on Sept. 30 to Maggie Starr and her wife, Sarah Hardin, in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been enjoying COVID freedom to return to the 18th century. I’m keeping sane and laughing with Tom Jones and Tristram Shandy, who are excellent company in brutal times.”

Ann Wiester Starr, Columbus, Ohio

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