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Image of Old Kenyon from the College archives.

Kenyon in Quotes

"There is little in our history that is beyond dispute, there is much about which good and wise people have disagreed. Put rather differently, our past has witnessed historical revisions, and this process will and should continue." —Former President Robert A. Oden Jr.

Kenyon in Quotes

"Will Kenyon still exist as a collection of buildings and people on an Ohio hilltop twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred years from now? The future, of course, has a way of surprising us, but I believe it will. The campus ideal, introduced here by Philander Chase almost one hundred seventy-five years ago, will prevail." —Tom Stamp '73

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Jeffrey J. Henderson, Gloucester, Massachusetts, held his final classes — remotely — last semester, after 50 years as a classics professor at Yale, Michigan, USC, BU and elsewhere. “I will continue my editorship of the Loeb Classical Library and various research projects, as well as activities with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and national humanities organizations,” he writes. Jeff looks forward to visiting children and grandchildren and generally getting out and about again.


“Our black walnut tree was planted around the time our democracy was formed. Both stood straight and tall for all these years until they have now been weakened by
disease and threatened by insurrection. Its history is inscribed in my sculptures: the insults from droughts, storms, man, and diseases — engraved for us to see with lines that show the years. These were my thoughts as I cut and sanded, trying to capture the feelings and emotions of the pandemic and the social unrest created by an inept response by our government. But I also found some flickers of hope, love, passion, comfort, forgiveness.”

Patrick Eggena


Adrienne D. (Skrzypek) Jett, Columbus, Ohio, is a psychologist at the Columbus VA. “We welcomed twins Natalie and Andrew this fall,” Adrienne informs. “Our
oldest daughter,Avy, is thrilled to be a big sister.”

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