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Image of Old Kenyon from the College archives.

Kenyon in Quotes

"There is little in our history that is beyond dispute, there is much about which good and wise people have disagreed. Put rather differently, our past has witnessed historical revisions, and this process will and should continue." —Former President Robert A. Oden Jr.

Kenyon in Quotes

"Will Kenyon still exist as a collection of buildings and people on an Ohio hilltop twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred years from now? The future, of course, has a way of surprising us, but I believe it will. The campus ideal, introduced here by Philander Chase almost one hundred seventy-five years ago, will prevail." —Tom Stamp '73

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

“I finally dipped my toe into the waters of publishing with the release of my new paranormal romance series, California Demigods. Curious classmates interested in a racy romantic romp with gods and goddesses are encouraged to check out my author website at”

Hilary E. Bunlert, Oakland, California


Thomas E. Allen, Takoma Park, Maryland, is resurrecting his musical interests after 40 years working with the deaf. “I performed tenor — I can still manage a high note or two — in a concert performance of the Vivaldi Gloria, and I have sent my clarinet out to be refurbished. The ghost of Paul Schwartz lurks.”


Merrill Tomlinson Carinci, Queens Village, New York, updates, “I got COVID early on and survived unscathed — except for my taste buds. Then got the Omicron version and got through that easily. I deal with clients who, like most of us, are suffering from systemic trauma due to COVID. Working full time, seeing 25 to 40 a week in private practice as an LCSW. My personal solution to stress was to get a dog. Nova and I run through Alley Pond Park in Queens at 7 a.m. with a pack of people and up to 15 dogs (off leash) every day.” Merrill adds that her longterm interest in labyrinths led her to spearhead the construction of a 50-foot-diameter labyrinth on the grounds of Zion Episcopal Church. “All are welcome to come and walk it. The graveyard of the church is interesting, too, part of it dedicated to a native burial ground of the Matinecock, still an active tribe on Long Island.”

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