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Image of Old Kenyon from the College archives.

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"There is little in our history that is beyond dispute, there is much about which good and wise people have disagreed. Put rather differently, our past has witnessed historical revisions, and this process will and should continue." —Former President Robert A. Oden Jr.

Kenyon in Quotes

"Will Kenyon still exist as a collection of buildings and people on an Ohio hilltop twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred years from now? The future, of course, has a way of surprising us, but I believe it will. The campus ideal, introduced here by Philander Chase almost one hundred seventy-five years ago, will prevail." —Tom Stamp '73

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Adrian E. (Natale) Everett welcomed a daughter, Robin Everett, on July 15, 2023. Adrian is in the fourth year of her Ph.D. in anthropology, subfield archaeology, at Yale University and is preparing for a second season of excavation at a Maya site in Guatemala in the spring of 2024.


Patrick J. Edwards, Boulder, Colorado, celebrated a 40th wedding anniversary with his wife, Maryann, in the U.K., returning on the Queen Mary II. “Recently enjoyed my 50th Lake Forest H.S. reunion, even though there seemed to be some older folks attend-ing?” he jokes. “Joined our local volunteer fire department in the Boulder foothills and playing tennis — my team just represented Colorado in USTA play against other mountain states in Utah.”


Joseph C. Bline, Dublin, Ohio, dropped off his oldest, Steven Bline ’27, at Kenyon on Aug 19. “He is living in McBride Hall, and I am surprised how little has changed in 33 years. I was filled with pride and nostalgia as I walked around campus with him. Special thanks to Professor Gordon G. Loveland ’89 for being his physics advisor.”

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