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A new addition to Kenyon's public art collection is a commissioned sculpture, "Pivot," by American artist Richard Serra, the result of a gift from Graham Gund ’63 H’81 and his wife, Ann.

In February, the Kenyon College Dance, Drama and Cinema Club presented “Battlefield,” directed by Professor of Drama and Film Jonathan Tazewell ’84.

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"My dream for higher education in general is that we get back to a sense of education being part of the solution to making the world a better place." — President Sean Decatur

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Lost and Found

On a college campus as lively as Kenyon's, it’s only natural that some things should go missing — and on the flipside, be discovered in unexpected places. Here’s a highlight reel of the season’s lost and found, sourced from campus listservs.

Two interlocking gold rings found in Chalmers. Said the finder: "XO + I like your style."

A TI-89 calculator. Mislaid during finals week, with an exam the next day. Good enough incentive for anyone to offer a $20 finder’s fee.

A "magical device" was left in the Student Accessibility and Support Services suite in Chalmers Library. The staff member who found the item asked the owner to reach out with a description to claim it. Whether it was an artifact imbued with rare mythic properties or merely a Magic 8 Ball, that’s between the owner and the staff member.

A K-Card. "I have managed to lose my K-Card on the first day of my last semester at Kenyon," said the owner, who later retraced their steps to successfully retrieve it.

Paint. Gund Gallery is no stranger to hosting a variety of this artistic supply within its walls, though they’re typically seen rendered onto canvas rather than still in the container. The finder of this oil paint (a yellow ochre hue) dropped it off at the front desk, mercifully unopened.

A library paper cutter (green). Whoever "borrowed" the cutter for any mysterious slicing and dicing needs is encouraged to return it to the circulation desk at their earliest convenience.

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Graeme K.P. Taylor has relocated east after living in Austin, Texas, watching Evan C. Gee, Derek S. Foret ’17 and Emily A. Davis ’19 pursue their Ph.D.s in political philosophy. Graeme works in electronic trading and is happy to discuss capital markets. “Or if you simply want a friend to greet you with the same smile you’d see on Middle Path, I’m happy to take your call or email (graeme.kirk.” At the NYC February Phling, he adds, many alums joined in honoring former President Sean Decatur for his service to Kenyon and wishing him well in his new role overseeing the American Museum of Natural History.


Alec S. Clothier has been working as a senior art handler for an employee-owned fine art services company in the SF Bay Area, but now will move back to his hometown of Philadelphia to continue the work in a new setting.


Robin F. Goldsmith, Needham, Massachusetts, presented a keynote address titled “RE, PO, BA, or BS?” to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Institute of Business Analysis return-to-in-person Professional Development Day conference in May. The next day, he presented “Does Being Promoted Make You a Jerk?” to the Portfolio, Leadership and Strategy Conference, also in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

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