Heidi McCrory

Riding a Wave

Heidi Hansen McCrory was named vice president for college relations in April by President Sean Decatur. McCrory has been vice president for alumnae and development at Sweet Briar College since 2009.

Decatur said McCrory was distinguished by her energy, confidence, and record of accomplishment as she takes on leadership of the Kenyon division that focuses on engagement with alumni, students, parents, and friends of the College. She replaced Sarah Kahrl, who remains with the College as director of the Kenyon Institute.

“Kenyon is riding a bit of a wave with new leadership, strong admissions, and strong finances, and there is a great opportunity to further strengthen it from a philanthropic, engagement, and visibility standpoint,” McCrory said. “Kenyon is a terrific institution and has an outstanding reputation. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to join Kenyon College?”

McCrory enjoys philanthropic work. “I get to be with people at some of the best moments of their lives, when they’re thinking beyond themselves, when they’re thinking about having an impact on the future. That’s an incredible privilege. There is joy in philanthropy.”

Joe Klesner

The Learning Experience

Joseph L. Klesner took the reins of the academic division as provost in May, moving up from the role of interim provost after less than a year.

Klesner, professor of political science, was named interim provost after the departure of Provost Nayef H. Samhat, who left Kenyon to become president of Wofford College on July 1, 2013. Klesner joined the faculty in 1985 and was named associate provost in 2010.

“Joe Klesner is a great asset for Kenyon, and he has performed admirably as interim provost,” Decatur said. “He is respected throughout the College, has a history of leadership here, and understands the qualities of our faculty. We share an interest in developing and sustaining the finest educational environment for our students and those who teach them.”

Klesner’s own goals include sharpening the first-year experience, including development of interdisciplinary first-year seminars; continuing efforts to more fully integrate majors with international education and global research and working with the Career Development Office to better coordinate internships and work experiences with the curriculum and bring more focus to preparing students for life after Kenyon. “We have a terrific faculty whose devotion to teaching is unquestioned,” Klesner said.

Jennifer Delahunty

Blue Skies

Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid since 2003, is poised to pioneer regional representation for Kenyon on the West Coast.

Responding to the pull of demographics, Delahunty will become associate dean of admissions and will serve prospective students and their families in northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Southwestern states.

“Jennifer is among the best in the world of higher education admissions, and she has been a national advocate for ethical practices in admissions,” Decatur said. The transition in admissions has been carefully planned, he said. A search for a new dean of admissions and financial aid is under way.

“Kenyon is in such a terrific place right now,” Delahunty said. “Our market position has never been stronger. With Sean, we have dynamic new leadership, and blue skies are on the horizon for Kenyon. I’m thrilled to be able to spread that news in the West.”

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