Every spring, graduating studio art majors take part in a beloved end-of-the-semester tradition when their final projects are shown together in a Gund Gallery exhibition.

Under extraordinary circumstances this year, the seniors, who were determined to continue with their planned show, created a virtual gallery of their paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, installations, and new and mixed media projects online. “While we can’t be together during this difficult and unpredictable time, we can relish the experiences we shared making art together when Horvitz was our home, and our projects danced in (our professors’) dreams,” they wrote on the website.

The artworks featured here, along with many others, can be viewed on the website housing the gallery, seniorartexhibitionkenyon.com.

"Lisa," oil on canvas by Lucy Irwin '20

Lucy Irwin ’20 
“Lisa” (from “My Favorite Strangers” series)
Oil on canvas | 6' x 5'

“The people depicted in this series have prepared and served me breakfast, lunch and dinner for four years. In an open letter to Kenyon’s senior class, Lisa wrote that she wishes she could ‘protect and take care of each and every one (of the students she sees),’ and that her enthusiastic greetings are how she makes ‘her kids’ feel seen and loved.”

"Scream," inkjet prints on pictorico film, by Sarah Townsend '20

Sarah Townsend ’20
Inkjet prints on pictorico film | 32" x 17-20" each

“In this series, I photograph my female friends and myself ferociously screaming and install these photographs as a maze; I encourage these women to embody anger, scream at sexism, and gain agency through this emotional catharsis.”

"Brussels," luan, poplar, enamel paint, paint markers, by Alec Clothier '20

Alec Clothier ’20
“Brussels” (from “Memoryscapes” series)
Luan, poplar, enamel paint, paint markers | 2" x 36" x 5.625"

“My family has moved often, living in seven different homes across Mexico, France, Belgium and the U.S. ‘Memoryscapes’ stands as a visual representation of the multifaceted relationships I keep with my past and present homes.”

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