So this time last year, our team resolved to breathe new life into our magazine. We surveyed you, our readers, and asked what you value most in your alumni magazine. At a time when magazines are consistently getting thinner (or disappearing altogether from newsstands), and attention spans are growing shorter, you told us that you crave honest and compelling stories, of any length, in voices that are distinctly Kenyon. We do too. 

With your input, we re-envisioned this publication so that it looks and feels like a long-overdue conversation with a close friend or beloved mentor — say, over dinner at your favorite neighborhood hangout. You’ve probably already noticed a few things that look different. For starters, the magazine is a little smaller than our previous design, because a smaller magazine makes for a more intimate reading experience (and it’s easier to throw in a bag for a subway commute or airplane ride). We’ve also created new recurring departments in the front and back of the book to help us serve up a mix of Kenyon fare. From shorter, lighthearted takes on the latest campus happenings, to human interest stories and longform features on topical issues, there’s something for every reader to snack or feast on in these pages.

Take a look and let us know what you think by emailing me at

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