Also In This Edition

“Figural Columns,” an art installation by Audrey Nation '15, created by mounting digital mixed media prints on wood.

Staging a Revival

Two students resurrect a theater group that focuses on the underrepresented talents of women.

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In the Spotlight

Kenyon recognizes two top professors for their efforts with the Trustee Teaching Excellence Awards.

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Kenyon in Quotes

There's still work to be done, but I like to think it's getting better in terms of writing and roles. There's still a ridiculous discrepancy in pay. That can't continue." — Allison Janney '82 H'00, in the Irish Times, on opportunities for women in the entertainment industry.

Across the Universe

Writer-in-Residence P.F. Kluge '64 defied the expectations of his classmate Emeritus Professor of English Perry Lentz '64 P'88 H'09 by being named Gambier Citizen of the Year. While making the announcement, Lentz admitted his surprise but went on to praise Kluge's "edgy eloquence" and dubbed him "the Salman Rushdie of Knox County, the H.L. Mencken of College Township." Professor of Religious Studies Royal Rhodes was named village poet laureate on the same day. In a poem, Rhodes observed, "Village life reflects the universe."

Ahead of the Game

San Francisco-based gaming enthusiast Jeremy Williams '96 launches a successful new product.

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Good as Gold

Ruth Crowell Wild '02 heads up the London Bullion Market Association.

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Snapshots of Kenyon Life

Treasures from Kenyon's Archives

Ceremonial Masonic aprons, bearing characteristic symbols such as the all-seeing eye, belonged to “the first of Kenyon’s goodly race,” Bishop Philander Chase. They were donated to the Kenyon library in 1918 by Chase’s granddaughter, Susan E. Clark of La Grange, Illinois.

Chase’s involvement in freemasonry reflects the group’s importance in American civic culture. Many of the country’s early leaders, including presidents George Washington and James Monroe, were Masons. 

On Base

Fifth-year head coach Erin O’Neill ’02 directed the Ladies softball team to its finest season ever, going 29-11. She now possesses a 96-93 career coaching record with the Ladies and is just nine wins shy of becoming the program’s most-winning coach.

Coaching to Learn

George Cooper Jr., a former member of the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons, joined Kenyon's coaching staff this season, taking advantage of the National Football League Players Association’s (NFLPA) coaching internship program. “It gives me the opportunity for hands-on coaching, while learning from the other coaches,” said Cooper.

Head football coach Chris Monfiletto says he is thrilled to have Cooper on board this season as the outside linebackers coach: “Our players will have a great opportunity to learn from someone with experience at the highest level.”

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

Becky L. Grajeda, Claremont, California, is the facilities scheduling and rentals coordinator at The Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles. It involves, she reports, “mostly staring at a computer, but working with world-class musicians and hearing live music from the practice rooms and concert halls every day,” which reminds her of being a Kenyon music student. “Really low-key co-workers, too,” she adds. “Love it.”


Holly Hatch-Surisook writes about sending her first-born off to college: “If you’ve been through this already, you know that it’s heart-wrenching. We first went on a trip to Thailand, visiting family and experiencing the place of my husband’s early life. The kids are now inspired to learn Thai, and my son has found some new favorite snacks — like Tom Yum-flavored Lay’s potato chips.” Holly has two Minneapolis restaurants, Sen Yai Sen Lek and Dipped & Debris.


Wyn C. Evans, Chicago, updates on what a “joy to work with kids” it’s been at the day care center job he’s had for three years, “knowing that the love, acceptance and kindness I provide them is setting the stage for their happiness and flourishing later in life.” He still performs improv comedy with his teams BlackCat and Rainstick and hosts an experimental podcast called Wynprovisation. More of his comedy, music and blogging “about spiritual awakening and the end of suffering” are at

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