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Porch reading is a popular spring and summer pastime in Gambier.

The Kenyon Review gathered students and community members to read poems by Robert Lowell '40 and share stories the about the author, a seminal figure in modern American poetry, in honor of his centennial.

The Lords captured second place at the NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championship, while the Ladies finished third. The men’s result marked the 38th consecutive season they occupied one of the top two spots, and the women have finished top-four for 36 consecutive seasons.

Kenyon in Quotes

"I didn't grow up very political, but when I went to college in Ohio, a swing state, I quickly realized how much my vote mattered." – Matthew Segal '08, co-founder of Our Time and ATTN:, in Forbes.

Bleeding Purple

Donna Bertolet Poseidon '75 reflects on the evolving role of Kenyon in her life.

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A Piece of War

Were politics ever stormier than they are now? Kenyon's archives offer answers.

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Web Extra: Student Art Spotlight

"Steward," a pen and ink series by Addison Wagner '18, pairs endangered species alongside children to highlight the importance of environmental literacy and stewardship in younger generations.


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Dungeons, Dragons and Decatur

President Sean Decatur, who has admitted to spending much of his adolescence engrossed in the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, recently dusted off his dice to play for charity. Kenyon’s Tabletop Club hosted its second annual "D&D-Cat" event, referring to the nicknames for both the game and the president.

As several students and faculty crowded around
the Cromwell Cottage dining room table to do battle with monsters and cast magical spells, more casual fans watched the game's progress live on

By selling the opportunity to give players an extra dice roll, or boost their health and magic reserves, the Tabletop Club managed to raise several hundred dollars for the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio.

A Downtown Facelift

Gambier’s downtown revitalization, which is part of a long-term plan that already has upgraded Middle Path, will add student housing and retail space this summer. New student apartments are nearing completion, the Village Market is moving to its new location at the corner of Brooklyn Street and Chase Avenue, and major work will begin this summer on Farr Hall. The Kenyon College Bookstore will temporarily move into the space vacated by the Village Market and Gambier Deli, and will remain there through the fall, as crews renovate the space the bookstore has occupied for decades.

Class Notes

Recent Class Notes

“After trying most of the New England states on for size, I’ve found myself settled in Connecticut for the last five-plus years with my husband, Ray, a professor of sport management, and my 6-year-old daughter, Corinne, an avid chicken chaser. I’ve spent most of these five years working for American Farmland Trust as the New England deputy director, until this past May, when I was appointed the USDA Farm Service Agency state executive director. Far from where I thought my chemistry major would take me, but working to support and maintain small agriculture through the turmoil caused by the pandemic has been so very rewarding (and plenty challenging).”

Emily J. Cole, Simsbury, Connecticut


Michael E. Reed, Chicago, reports that he has left the practice of law after a 52-year career and is attempting to follow the admonition of John M. Capron to not “fail at retirement.” Mike resides in the Lincoln Park neighborhood close to the DePaul University campus, participates in several Chicago charitable organizations, and currently serves as board chair of a 200-bed hospital foundation.


“My wife, Lori Robinson, and I still live in Chelsea with our tween Naomi. I have transitioned to working for QuickBooks remotely, and my wife works for the NYC DOE as a speech pathologist. I invite any ’88s or any other ‘80s graduates to my Sunday Talks. We run the gamut on what we discuss, and I post invites weekly. I regularly see Christopher V. Blackburn, Laura K. Porter-Jones ’90 and David F. Hanson ’87. Also, Stephen R. Sexsmith ’80, Robert F. Roche ’80 and Pamela Goodell ’89 have become wonderful resources. I am working on a wonderful volunteer project getting tickets and access to theater for my community, so if anyone has any contacts please reach out. I also saw Michael K. Zorek ’82 recently, as our kids go to the same school in Hell’s Kitchen.”

Matthew C. Pasher, New York City

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